13 October 2015

In which my college students are more professional

I have the great opportunity to spend the next ten days with a 360 cluster studying in southern Germany. We will be in Freiburg for the next several days, then we decamp to the tiny village of St. Peter.

As part of our efforts to fight jetlag, the faculty led a walking tour of the city and the University (the second oldest in the Hapsburg empire). Classes for the students here begin on Monday, and as far as I can tell, orientation consists of extensive beer pong tournaments. Outside. In front of school buildings. 

I think I'm sufficiently tired that this is the moment that's stuck out the most. I continue to be impressed with the enthusiasm of our students, even through the jet lag, and am excited to see how a trip like this works on the ground. 

In personal victories, I had several successful chats with train station officials (in German) and a lovely conversation with the organizer of the Saturday organ concerts at the Munster.  If nothing else, it's fun to do an easier location, even if the job part is more complicated.