25 August 2010

In which we shall get there some day

If I keep repeating this to myself, perhaps someday I'll get to Africa.  Actually, by the time most people read this, I'm sure I will have made it there.  At the moment, though, I've spent almost twenty-four hours in transit, and I'm still stuck in the country.  On the bright side, I've figured out how to hack (being a relative term) the JFK internet, and I've made serious progress on a book Grandma lent me.  All of this makes it more likely that I'll sleep on the plane, which is also a good plan.

I've had many opportunities to people watch today, and the most interesting moment was when several phones went off at once, with variations on the Muslim call to prayer.  The whole gate area quieted, and I could see men praying under their breath, in their chairs.  Not everyone on my flight appears to be an Egyptian native, but the respect (or curiosity, on the part of some, probably) was very impressive.  I'm sure by the end of my semester, there will be nothing intriguing about a call to prayer.

Of the four Bryn Mawr students on this flight, I think we're finally all here, though Halima didn't get here until about 9:15, and Sana and Akilah arrived around 10:00.  Really, I'm all for that... no one NEEDS ten hours in the JFK airport.

After the BMC girls arrived, we went and found the other twenty or so AUC students on our flight - we've spent a little time bonding, and it sounds like most of us are living in Zamalek, so that should be fun.  Sounds like it's going to be a good group of people, but again, I'll have more to say when we've had some time on the ground.

I apologize, as I clearly haven't gotten much better at interesting blog posts, but hopefully once I get to Egypt I'll have more fun things to say.

Until then,
-some clever sign off.  Suggestions, anyone?

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