17 August 2014

In which I try something new

When I came back from the sibling adventure to Morocco last January, I said I wanted to go somewhere easy next. Maybe Prague, or Germany, or somewhere I had no chance of knowing the language, like Thailand. Little did I know, I'd have just such an opportunity a mere eight months later.

Through a series of lucky-for-me logistical machinations, Great-Aunt Lib invited me to join her for a week-long cruise in and around Venice on the Po river. 

This appears to be the food service we will be privy to
I'm looking forward to getting some quality time with Aunt Lib, who I haven't really seen in quite a while, and experiencing a totally new kind of travel. She's done this kind of thing before, and I was lucky enough to join her and another aunt on a Nile cruise when they came to visit me in Cairo (actually only four years ago now, though it feels much more distant), but that was the three of us, a crew of six, and a boat that sometimes moved by wind power only. 

This time, there will be other guests, on- and off-board activities, and a dress code (relatively mild). I'm not sure who takes these kinds of trips, but I look forward to finding connections with all sorts of people. Four decks worth of people with stories as good as Aunt Lib's should make an interesting week. 

I'm going to try this whole blogging thing again, hopefully applying some of what I've learned at work, and including pictures of our adventures. Any advice on being a gregarious guest would be appreciated.  

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