17 August 2014

In which travel is just plain fun

Flying to Europe is fun. It sounds obvious, but after recent adventures involving flights through Europe, it is so much easier to stop just on the other side of the Atlantic.  There is also a lot to be said for a direct flight, and a pleasant seat companion, and landing in the morning, local time. Other things that are much easier in Europe? Customs. I'm so used to scrutiny, and questions, and harsh lighting. The Marco Polo airport is quiet and calm and made of beautiful red brick.

First views of the lagoon from the bus
I checked in with the cruise agents, and joined three couples (all retired) from my flight for the shuttle ride to the port. The airport is east of the city of Venice proper, so instead we got views of winding roads, brick houses, and vibrant colors. 

Many people live outside Venice in the city of Mestre, on the mainland
I'm now sitting in the main lounge of the ship, waiting for Aunt Lib to arrive, and for our room to be ready. There's a great conversation about how people don't dress up to ride planes anymore, and that's just deplorable. Perhaps I'll have more in common with other passengers than I thought...

The main lounge of the ship - lost of mirrors
"Ti Amo" just started playing in the lounge. My strongest association with this song is the excellent live-action Asterisk and Obelix movie (if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it), so there's hope on all fronts. 

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