23 August 2014

In which we return to the lagoon

We met the ship on the Chioggia side of the Adriatic Sea, and had a lovely late afternoon of sailing back toward Venice.
Leaving Chioggia
The Venetian lagoon extends all the way out to Chioggia, so we were sailing along the industrial port for a brief way, the transitioned into small coastal villages, complete with laundry hanging from windows and fishermen thigh-deep in water waving as we passed.
A small lagoon town
It was certainly relaxing to sit on deck and watch the coastline sail past, but I was even more interested in seeing recognizable parts of Venice out the glass walls during dinner. 
The Doge's Palace (next to St. Mark's) at sunset

Another river boat was docked where we had spent our first two nights (apparently a French company, only patronized by the French), and we went on past St. Marks, and the mouth of the Grand Canal, and over to the larger and newer of the two Venetian  ports. Morning exercises won't be as picturesque, but we will have scenic cruising on Saturday afternoon, and we're docked close to the airport for Sunday (apparently about twenty minutes), so that will be less stressful. Hard to believe we're that close to the end, or that it's been less than a week since I got here.

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