19 August 2014

In which we cruise!

After yoga on the upper deck at seven this morning (each pose brought a new piece of Italian architecture into focus), we cruised away from Venice, across the lagoon and toward Chioggia (sometimes called little Venice, and part of the fortifications in process to protect the city from going completely underwater).
These sticks are for mussel and clam cultivation in the edge of the deep channel in the lagoon.
Although the weather was a bit uncooperative (several bouts of mild rain), we had a lovely several hours sailing through the deep channel of the lagoon, marked by the thick wooden tripods spaced incrementally. 
The outer defense island of the lagoon, where malaria patients were sent at one time.
As we came into port (a rather industrial section, with an amusing piece of Arabic-language graffiti on the wall) Aunt Lib, some other Elgin Symphony Orchestra supporters, and I enjoyed a light lunch in the relatively deserted cafe at the front of the boat. Pizza, salad, and prosciutto - what more could one ask for?
Covered cafe between the sun deck and the bridge

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