18 August 2014

In which the pigeons have grown up as much as I have

This morning, we did a long walking tour of Venice, through winding alleys and across narrow canals, eventually making our way to the Doge's Palace and the Basilica of St. Mark. One of the things I've been gearing myself up for was the onslaught of pigeons in St. Mark's Square. In my memory, it looks rather like this:

Photo taken from this article about the 'battle' for the square.
There were at least that many tourists waiting for the mechanical clock to strike, but it seemed like nearly no pigeons were around at all. The birds that were there didn't even seem that interested in the bread and corn they were being offered. Perhaps it's my memory that inflated the fervor of the attacks, but somehow it seems that the pigeons have matured a bit in my absence.
My brother and me in 1998

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